Usher – Crash Video, New video, watch

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Usher - Crash Video, New video, watch

Usher – Crash Video, New video, watch

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Usher – Crash Video, New video, watch

Usher | Crash

R&B singer Usher Raymond is out again with the video of Crash from his upcoming eighth studio album Flawed.

Released through RCA on 8th of June, 2016, and made available for digital download and online streaming.

Crash is the follow up single to No Limit which was released a day before.

The song is written by Usher, Lee Stashenko and Carlos St John and produced by the latter one and fallen.

His last efforts date back to 2014 with tracks like ‘Good Kisser’, ‘She came to give it to you’ and ‘I don’t Mind’ as singles from his album: UR Experience.

“Crash” has been getting comparisons to his 2012 Grammy Award winning single “Climax”.

Stakeholders in music reviews like Joe Lynch of Billboard calls it “post-“Climax” saying “Ush, melding his masterful R&B vocal styling with the kind of subdued, moody electronics taking over airwaves thanks to Diplo”.

Christina Lee from Idolator writes “Like with “Climax,” this R&B vet makes such vocal prowess — and vulnerability — seem easy.

Dennis Edward from Young Herald described” It’s a pulsating banger that does exactly what Climax did hitting us with killer verses and then demure choruses.

A writer from Jezebel writes “spotlit his gorgeous falsetto much as it was in “Climax,” with which “Crash” shares a sort of spot-the-hook sensibility—it seems to build from one pre-chorus to the next, teetering on the brink of a hook until you realize the whole damn thing is a hook.

Sasha Geffen of MTV praises his vocal ability saying it “soars to the very top of his vocal range, offering a beautiful falsetto chorus against lightweight, delicate production.

You can check out the lyrics to the song here


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