Way Out of Overseas Medical Tourism and Bad Governance in Nigeria By Femi Ogedengbe

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Way Out of Overseas Medical Tourism and Bad Governance in Nigeria By Femi Ogedengbe



Nigerian movie actor, Femi Ogedengbe writes on the decadence in Nigeria’s health care system and bad governance ravaging the country, here is the full excerpt made available by Naija Online TV.

I have thought it necessary to use this opportunity to congratulate the Nigerian first family on the complete recuperation and safe return of their son, Yusuf Buhari to Nigeria from Germany after undergoing treatments for head injuries that resulted from his power bike accident.

As a young father myself, I quite appreciate the import of the worries of having one’s beloved child in a near death situation. However, the bitter truth is that the president’s son need not be flown abroad before getting the needed medical treatment if the needful had been done back home. It is a public knowledge that a good number of medical geniuses abroad are from Nigeria. This is to tell us that the problem of our health decadence has nothing to do with not having the right man power, but obviously the lack of working institutions.

Another issue that is making me weep for Nigeria is the prevailing forbidden prices of goods and services. It took my children to a roller coaster park that was newly set up across the street opposite our apartment here in Los Angeles. The kids had the fun of their lives and the cost was almost nothing compared to cut through charges back home in Nigeria.

Any responsible father will definitely find fulfilment whenever his children are overwhelmed with joy during an outing to either a fantasy land or amusement park at readily affordable charges. The reality that an average hardworking Nigerian father who is a teacher, civil servant ,police officer, bus driver, soldier and petty trader could not afford what may be termed a luxury for his children got me saddened.

I had made bold to pour out my bottled up anger not long ago because of the highly frustrating situation back home in Nigeria. I even went on emotional overboard by deploying uncomplimentary words to describe the president and some other highly placed Nigerians. Truth is that I am just one of many other Nigerians who have been nursing plethora of deep seated anger against the nation due to the prevailing decades of bad leadership in the country.

The singular factor of my exemplary moral upbringing will compel me to apologize to whoever may have felt slighted by the uncharitable usage of harsh words. But, we honestly need to get serious and busy with the business of unlocking the potentials of this great country called Nigeria.

It is my opinion that we owe ourselves the responsibility of getting things right in 2019 by electing any young, competent, honest and innovative candidate from any of the geo political part of Nigeria, irrespective of the candidate’s religion or tribe.
Religion is only used by paid propagandists as a tool to weaken a unified alliance, across Religion ethnic and tribal divides to prevent the actualization of beneficial national interest.

At this point, the only solution or attempt to solve this problem is to call on patriotic Nigerians in diaspora to take action of peaceful protest against any Nigerian public office holder on medical tourism to any known hospital in any corner of the world. We must take it upon ourselves to keep vigil at the door steps of all hospital treating them.

Upon whistle Blowers Information,
We also need to take things a step higher by frustrating all their children schooling abroad until we succeed in making them return to Nigeria.

That is just the only way to make Nigeria work and force elected and appointed public officials to be accountable, answerable and responsive to millions long suffering Nigerians.

Enough is enough of bad governance and leadership failure in our dear country, Nigeria!

Please let Every Patriotic Nigerian Join/Support this fight Just by Sharing and taking Action. Thank you.

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