WBC heavyweight title, Wilder vs Ortiz: Boxing experts’ Predict

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WBC heavyweight title, Wilder vs Ortiz: Boxing experts’ Predict

WBC heavyweight title, Wilder vs Ortiz: Boxing experts’ Predict


WBC heavyweight title, Wilder vs Ortiz: Boxing experts’ Predict

The biggest challenge of Deontay Wilder’s career will arrive in the shape of Luis Ortiz, but can he handle it?

The WBC heavyweight title fight is live on Sky Sports, in the early hours of Sunday morning, from 2am.

It’s a difficult fight to predict but here are the views of our usual experts plus some heavyweight rivals…

Tony Bellew

I am worried about this. I want Wilder to win, because boxing needs it and America needs it, because right now Europe rules the world. But, above all, Ortiz is the better all-round fighter. Wilder is the better and bigger athlete, but does he have the bigger boxing brain? I’m not so sure.

Ortiz is a southpaw who can box and certainly punch. His last few performances have been poor, but that’s all he had to do to win. Don’t underestimate ‘King Kong’, believe me. We’re yet to see him hurt so – and I don’t say this with any great conviction – I am going for a Wilder stoppage. If he puts him to sleep, that’s a huge statement.

Carl Froch

I can see Wilder being a bit cagey for the first few rounds because, even if I am not a fan of Ortiz, he can actually box and go the 12 rounds, unlike most of Wilder’s previous opponents. But Wilder has it all – height, reach and power and we need him to win.

I might be hoping more than I am actually expecting but, after a quiet start, as soon as he starts landing Wilder will be on it. Ortiz can take a shot so it might not be like the Bermane Stiverne blow-out, but I am going for Wilder to finish him off, in the middle rounds.

Dillian Whyte

It’s a tricky fight. I think Luis Ortiz is a good fighter, a strong fighter, but he’s a bit old and he’s been too inactive at the top level against top fighters in the past few years. Wilder has been fighting some decent fighters. They haven’t been great fighters, but they have been decent.

Ortiz can punch and Wilder cannot take a punch. Ortiz lets combinations go. We don’t know how good Ortiz’s chin is, and we know Wilder’s chin is not good, so someone is going to get knocked out. I’m just not sure who yet. I think Wilder’s activity will make the difference in the fight. I just give Wilder the edge to win.

Spencer Oliver

Wilder’s speed, power, and his younger age will be factors. All of them combined will be a massive problem for Ortiz, who has looked slow and sluggish. You cannot be like that against someone like Wilder. His athleticism will play a big part in this fight.

I think that Wilder wins. He is catching Ortiz at the right time. Ortiz has not looked great, he’s been inactive in recent times, and I think Wilder gets him out of there in the mid-to-late rounds.

Dave Allen

In my eyes, these are two of the best heavyweights in the world. Anthony Joshua aside, this could be two and three. Tyson Fury is coming back, but until he returns I believe Wilder and Ortiz are fighting it out for the No 2 spot.

Ortiz was fantastic [against me]. He was too good for me, let’s put it that way. It was a very painful evening. I envisage a Wilder win.

Ortiz winning for me is fantastic for myself. I can say: “WBC champion of the world, I boxed him at Manchester Arena when I was just a boy.” But for the good of boxing, I hope Wilder wins.

Jamie Moore

Wilder is difficult to read and he punches so hard. But if he cannot put a dent in Ortiz then he will find himself in trouble. It’s a tough one to pick, because Wilder has not really been in this deep yet. The big question is how will Ortiz cope with Wilder’s power?

I’ve got a feeling that Wilder might try something a bit different. I don’t think he’s going to be as wild as in the past. He might try to box a bit more, be conservative, pick his shots, and you could see a different side to him. If I had to go for a pick, I would go for Wilder on points. Ortiz has not got the work-rate to outbox Wilder, and if he boxes a bit smarter, it could be clear and convincing.

Johnny Nelson

I rate Deontay Wilder for taking this fight, because Ortiz was avoided like the plague by almost every top heavyweight in the world. The rewards weren’t big enough. This is his toughest fight from being a professional. Wilder is younger, he’s fresh, he’s fast, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ortiz wins it.

I’m going for Ortiz, but it’s got to be a stoppage as he won’t defeat Wilder on points. Ortiz is strong and can hit. Wilder will come in around 16 stone and if Ortiz hits Wilder, he’s gone.

What are your thoughts and predictions? Let us know below


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