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When Will The Blame Game Stop? By Dare Gbadebo | Naija Online TV

When Will The Blame Game Stop? By Dare Gbadebo

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When Will The Blame Game Stop? By Dare Gbadebo

When Will The Blame Game Stop? By Dare Gbadebo


When Will The Blame Game Stop? By Dare Gbadebo

Nigerian youths are surely vibrant today on social media but yet so many still don’t fully understand the power of social media, thereby abusing its use.Blaming leaders who have failed us won’t take the nation anywhere, rather wasting productive time. Constructive criticism is a welcome idea by all standard, but yet so many derail from its use, thereby turning posts that would have been meaningful upside down.

I see this very often and really wonder what could be wrong, political affiliations has beclouded so many disallowing them to speak the truth on governmental and even general issues.

Yes our leaders have failed us, be it political, religious leaders and so on, are we going to keep blaming them? Without seeking solutions to problems the nation is suffering from? Former President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan attested to this fact in 2015, during the last Presidential campaign that truly “his generation has failed Nigerians” and that alone sums it all up.

The earlier an average Nigerian youth steps up to be more productive positively, not just productive, the better for the nation.

In conclusion, this present administration needs to stop its blame game on the past administration and get to work more seriously. 2019 is around the corner, the people are hungry, “even more hungry than in 2015”, due to the high cost of living in the country.

Unemployment is still a factor affecting the nation and they say “an idle mind is the devils woodshop”. The economy is unbearable, it all still brings up to the leadership of the country, a lot need to be done, to keep the nation moving and in one piece. Though am aware this present administration has achieved success in some areas. But let the blame game stop and the expected work continue.

– Dare Gbadebo,
Managing Editor, Naija Online TV

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