I Will Always Encourage Artistes To Beef Through Music – Nana Reagan

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Nana Reagan

I Will Always Encourage Artistes To Beef Through Music – Nana Reagan

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I Will Always Encourage Artistes To Beef Through Music – Nana Reagan

I Will Always Encourage Artistes To Beef Through Music – Nana Reagan

Going by recent beef ongoing in the Ghanaian music industry, with one of the industry major player, Shatta Wale being the top gun, Ghanaian entertainment journalist/blogger, Nana Reagan writes.

I will always encourage Artists to beef through music but will advice the fans/followers/worshipers not to fight on the street.

This is showbiz and the game is played by SMART people who have talent. Talents who can be smart enough to grab any opportunity to market or make their brands visible. Along with fans who have passion but understand the formation of the game. So Forget that “He need attention and want to ride on artist A’s fame” talk.

Yes, forget that talk. Don’t let it tickle you or stop you from grabbing attention to sell/market your brand and products. Tell me, which artist in the world that doesn’t need attention? Even Beyonce does and that’s why she will wear weird costumes on stage to get you talking.

Some will ride on some artist’s fame through collaboration, others will do it through beefing. Grab all of it when they come your way. Beef throughout your career if you have to. Don’t make anybody stop you.

But before you do, make sure you have good products to sell to the people. Make sure you are fully loaded.

Beefing is good on a beat and not on the streets. Be smart and beef your way through. Every artist in one way or the other beefed some other artist. I can mention Obrafour and Lord Kenya, Lumba and Nana Acheampong, Abrewa Nana and Ras Nigga, the lists go on and on and on. It happens and is happening everywhere, even in the west.

So don’t mind anybody that feels or think you want to grab attention by riding on somebody’s fame. Don’t mind them. Ride on it everyday.

You can’t be too “gentle” in this game. You always have to ‘fight’ your way through to the top. You only have to be business minded as an artist so that when you get to the top, you invest and make a life with the money you make.

I will encourage beefing on a beat on any day. Whatever comes along with that, deal with it in your own smart, matured way. Beefing helps both parties but only the smart artist survives it.

Dare Gbadebo

Author: Dare Gbadebo is the publisher with the trademark darebaba.net is a versatile writer who had his media training based on photography at PEFTI film institute and has written for many top media houses in Nigeria. Stay tuned for your favourite celebrity news political updates and paparazzi. Darebaba on social media Facebook | Instagram | Google+

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