Your certificates do not define you – Nansy MrsHustle

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Your certificates do not define you – Nansy MrsHustle


Your certificates do not define you and your future career 100%. I am a certified Lawyer and Social Administrator…. I spent 6 good years in the university to acquire knowledge, yet I followed my heart and true passion, which is nothing else but music and everything entertainment.

I remember when I started my career in nigerian entertainment industry 7 years ago… I was a little girl full of life, positivity, excitement and lots of faith and courage. I worked hard, nothing was given to me. I was working when others were sleeping, I was working when others were partying and sleeping around, I was focused, I was determined. I had to please God and also satisfy myself with my work.

In 2012 I gave birth to my brainchild, my website and brand mrshustle.com, which has been serving the industry for 5 good years now. MrsHustle has worked with so many upcoming and established artists, producers, models, fashion designers, modelling agencies, make-up artists and photographers in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

As 2017 is coming to an end, all I can say is I’m grateful to God for life, for keeping me strong and bold, for the people in my life, for the ups the downs, the setbacks and comebacks.

7 years after I’m still here and managed to remain my true self: a mighty woman with an almighty God leading her steps!

2017 you were good and very educative, you pushed me to my limits and allowed the beast in me to rule. My self and brand has expanded in so many levels.

2018 I’m anticipating you, surprise me!!!!

~ Nansy MrsHustle

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