Zimbabwe: Terence Kwenda Drops “Murudo” Video

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Zimbabwe: Terence Kwenda Drops "Murudo" Video

Zimbabwe: Terence Kwenda Drops “Murudo” Video

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Zimbabwe: Terence Kwenda Drops “Murudo” Video

Terence Kwenda, is a Zimbabwean born musical vocalist, percussionist and a choreographer.

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Born with a passion for music, he took part in musical activities, from a tender age, as early as during his pre-childhood educational level, his style of music, is Afro-fusion, blend with modern music elements, with African traditional traits. He studied at Manyame Airbase Primary School and did his secondary education, at All Souls Mission and tertiary education.

Terence Kwenda holds a National Certificate and Advanced Certificate in music obtained from Zimbabwe college of music and Bachelor of music degree from Africa University.

He has so far recorded eight tracks, five released and other five tracks yet to be released and not signed to a record label at the moment.

Zimbabwe: Terence Kwenda Drops "Murudo" Video

The Zimbabwean entertainer recently released a new video for his single titled “Murudo” (in love), which is an acoustic audio version, visual, the song according to the Zimbabwean star, is a love song, which talks about the need to reinforce relationships, citing how people handle their relationships, in comparison to others, of which relationships are contextual, as love comprises of ups and downs, which differ from one relationship to another.

He told Naija Online TV in an interview that “all we need, is to pull through every situation, together in love, without sentiment”.

According to the singer, doing music in Zimbabwe is not easy, a bit difficult, as it requires a lot of effort to study the market in order not to offer sub standard production, he said.

He revealed his album, a ten track effort will be released in April 2019, while he looks forward to having cultural exchange collaborations, with artistes from other countries.

Terence Kwenda told Naija Online TV, he hangs out with friends visiting different and fascinating places as his way of unwinding and relaxing.


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